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Below Average Service

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

A performance lower than the expected excellence.

I am a Civil Service Examination passer. I took the exam on the 22nd day of May 2011 because like any other not-so-fresh graduates, I am dreaming of being a part of the working force of the country bound to serve my own countrymen. Alright that is just one of my many reasons why I want to be a government employee. Of course the pay is also a big factor. Who wouldn’t want to receive at least ten thousand a month for a five-day work? Not me. So with my guts and the air of arrogance, I walked inside the classroom, and sat down. Only when the test paper reached my hand that I finally admitted that I am not yet prepared to take the exam and mentally said goodbye to the 500 pesos I paid just to be where I was sitting at that moment.

Fast forward. Despite my conviction that I am not going to make it, a miracle happened. I just found my name posted on the CSC site. Alright. After I received my certificate, I hurriedly updated by resume, added my newest qualification, and passed them to different government offices. The last on my list is the City Hall of Iloilo. I was just sitting in the corner, waiting for someone I know to pop out of nowhere. Because of the wait, I had the chance to observe our country’s ‘public servant’, and honestly, what I saw is far from what I imagined before I got there.

It was already past two in the afternoon but the employees have just arrived. The line of the people who are transacting is longer than that of Eat Bulaga’s audience and there are only two ladies accommodating them because others are busy talking in the hallway, taking care of their 7-year-old son, eating, and some even texting. Where is service? I don’t know.

You may say that I am very naïve not knowing this despite the fact that I have been a part of this city for such a long time. Yes I did hear about these stories claiming that government offices offer the least satisfactory service in the country, I also had a set of my own experiences, but that day showed the worst.

I stood up after an hour and a half of waiting for the person I am supposed to meet. I went there with the anticipation of passing my resume but after leaving, I have doubts if I will ever have the intention of doing so.

On that same date, I went to the National Bureau of Investigation to get my clearance. I processed it a month and a half ago so I was positive that I can claim it, after all they told us that the process would only take two weeks. But I went home empty handed. The funny thing there is, I paid for it last July 11, 2011 but those who processed sometime in August already got theirs. Where is justice in that?

Just weeks ago, some of the government agencies announced that there may be an increase in price when requesting for papers and clearances. The question, will the service and speed of the process also increase? If not, then they should just forget about that stupid idea. If the people would have to pay more, then they should also receive more.

I took the CSE to be a part of the working force of our government, yes. But I definitely don’t want to be one of those who are talking in the hallway while the people are lining up to be served, or to be eating even after lunch break, or delay papers because of some reasons. These employees are paid fairly, using the people’s money just so they can serve comfortably. From benefits to remuneration, everything is there so they don’t have a reason not to do their job.

Just before I passed the exam, I am sure that I want to be a public servant. Now I don’t know anymore.


Religious arti-Facts

February 2, 2011 1 comment

The eternal symbol of the church

Writing anything outside my sideline work for a friend is the last thing that I would want to do these past few days. I already have a handful of things right under my wing and adding up another seemingly unimportant task sounds unnecessary. I still have to make my activities for my tutorials tomorrow and nothing would take my attention away from it only because I am planning to spend the whole morning snoring instead of cramming.

But it had been a full straight week that I am hearing, let us say, weird and interesting reports over the radio and I just can’t let these stories pass by without documenting them in my own way. You see ever since I resigned from work last January and I was stuck writing for some clients who need my expertise in this so called area, I came to rely on the radio to update myself with what is happening around the corners of the world, or at least of Iloilo. So, here I am, forcing myself to write anything sensible that would pop out of my head, and I hope this one will be worth it.

Last night, while typing like a madman just so I can catch up with the 12:00 AM deadline, my attention shifted from what I was doing to the commentator in the radio. He was talking about a certain ‘Monsignor Tuvilla’ who allegedly left the mass without even giving his blessings to the dead just because he was annoyed of the family members crying while the mass was going on. His reaction aroused a number of comments from the family as well as spectators.

I stopped what I was doing and turned the volume louder to listen to the whole interview intently and laughed so hard when the reporter asked his high eminence what his real name is. The conversation went this way:

Reporter: Monsignor, ano gid gani imo ngalan? Jose Mari, ukon Juanito Mari?

Monsignor: Ngaa haw? Importante pa na?

At the first part of the report, my sympathy was for the priest because he has reasons why he acted that way but after hearing what he has to say, all of it disappeared in thin air. No man in his right mind would answer a simple and unassuming question like that the way he answered it.

Now you may ask and wonder why I am blabbing about this stuff. Nothing. This is just the Popular Sanguine in me talking because while I was listening to the report, I just thought that maybe the reason why a lot of Catholics are transferring to the other side of the fence is because they have seen little priests or religious leaders who live up to the words that they speak every time they hold a mass. They don’t walk the talk. They practice only what they think is important and just let other stuffs be. A lot of issues are rising and at the center of these issues are our religious leaders who are supposed to guide us to the right path. Instead, they show us that they can’t even fight their own battle.

Walking out of the mass and telling the family of the person lying inside the coffin just because they were making noises is the last thing that I am expecting from a priest, much more from a monsignor. But the damaged has been done.

I am not pointing my finger at anybody, nor I am washing my hands for the crime that I am also guilty of. I just want to share a thought that came to me while listening to the endless talkings of the announcer and the reporter one boring night. I just decided to jot them down before I cram again to finish the English activities that I am doing for my work tomorrow.




The ‘Drama’ After the Bloodbath

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The whole world held its breath when the 12-hour long Quirino Grandstand Hostage drama took place on Monday. The tragic event lead to the death of 8 Chinese tourists and the captor, dismissed ex-police officer Rolando Mendoza, and sent the rest of the hostages in critical stages on the hospital.

These are the traces left after the tragic hostage drama that shocked the world

The gruesome event raised violent reactions from the people of Hong Kong as well as endless criticism from China’s high ranking officials. All of the fingers are pointing into one direction: PNP’s lack of training when it comes to hostage taking. And people from Hong Kong are accusing the Philippine government as INCOMPETENT.

The rescue operation staged by the policemen is undoubtedly poor, to put it mildly. And that is something the whole world saw. The performance of the policemen, not to mention the other uncontrolled elements resulted to the death of 8 Chinese tourist held captive and triggered different reactions from across the globe.

Because of of incident, the Hong Kong Government announced a ‘black’ tourist alert, discouraging people from Hong Kong to visit the country due to danger. This announcement is very sad because it can greatly affect tourism and livelihood in the Philippines. It can also affect other countries’ views with regards to visiting the country.

The lives as well as the business of Filipinos living in Hong Kong may also be put to danger because of what happened. It is reported that one Filipina had been fired by her employer after the tragedy in Rizal’s shrine took place. High country officials are hoping that the lapse of the government may not affect Filipinos abroad for they are considered innocent of what occurred back home. But just to make sure, diplomats should be sent as early as possible to Hong Kong to talk things over and avoid similar situations.

In honor of the victims who risked their lives in this tragic event, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III declared August 25, 2010 as the day of mourning. Earlier, Aquino talked to the different people from China to send his condolences to the victims’ families and swore to get to the bottom of this tragedy.

What had happened, although how tragic it is, served as an eye-opener to the government that our policemen should undergo rigid training on how to respond to different situations, at the same time should have the equipments pertinent to their job. This is not the first time something like this ever happened. Yet, no improvement was seen from the last hostage drama. Unlucky for us now, other countries were able to experience of how notorious our policemen can be when it comes to rescue operations.

This is a sad event. But a lot can still be learned from it. The PNP screwed up big time. But instead of pointing your fingers directly on them, it would be better if we just hold hands and deal with things more important first./amm