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12 Crazy Truths About YOUR Friends

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

1. They are definitely not Saints. Never expect your friend to say good things about you always because that would be really ridiculous. Friends are out to make your life miserable. The fun thing there is that you get to do the same to them. They can bitch about how ugly your hair is and how badly you need a haircut from the most expensive salon in town. Be warned that friends have their way of starving you by just sneaking behind your back to steal the cocobun you have kept in your bag’s secret compartment.

2. They are not on your side always. Your friends do have a mind of their own and you can never force them to agree with your thought that aborting the child because it was conceived during solar eclipse would be the best option left for you. Frankly, they are secretly called as THE OPPOSITION because they will never nod to a single thing that you say that would lead you to committing any of the 7 deadly sins.

3. They own the sharpest tongues in this part of the world. If you think that the most painful words would come from your life’s worst enemy, then baby, you may be living in a different planet. Friends are sucker for words and you will be surprise how they can find 10 different ways of saying how you screwed things up and how you basically ruined your life. Believe me, it hurts like hell. They are like valiant knights ready to shoot their arrows on your direction like you are the most wanted criminal in the whole kingdom.

4. They have the habit of making you wait until you grow roots and would start to bear fruits. They will text you while you are busy doing what your mom asked you to do and they would ask you to fix yourself up because you are going out with friends. You ignore the ringing bell behind your head saying that there is no need to rush since they would probably arrive late. You dressed up and went straight to your meeting place just to discover that the place was empty like how a desert looks like. You waited patiently for minutes, and then half an hour. Finally, after an hour of agony, a single soul showed up. Nuf said.

5. They see you as a walking ATM. While strolling at the mall and marveling at the beauty of the place, your friends spotted a stall selling hotdogs and suddenly had this urge to buy because they think they are hungry. They rush to you and without much adieu, ask money from you. Like you are their mother and you are obliged to feed souls you are not even related to. After ransacking your purse and getting the sought-after hotdog, they never even bothered to say THANKS.

6. They think they are more intelligent than you are when it comes to LOVE. The moment your heart beats for a handsome dude or a drop-dead gorgeous chick, your friends would appear on your side immediately reciting love quotes, poems and songs and giving you unsolicited advises on ways how you can snag your love interest. You suddenly start to wonder whether one of them is actually Shakespeare or at least a reincarnated version of the former. They firmly believe that you are not capable of making good decisions because people who are in love actually have a bigger chance of losing their brain.

7. They are the first to tease you until you lose your head. They can be pretty annoying and in countless occasions, their teases can actually make you cry and hate them for days. Knowledge is power as what they say. And these scheming little brats would actually use the information, or worse secrets, of yours to annoy the hell out of you. Sometimes you will blame yourself that you ever shared a thing to them.

8. Their hands can get as heavy as a hammer if they like. God gave us hands to use to help others who are in dire need. Friends on the other hand, use their hands to beat you up until you raise your white flag as a sign of surrender. They appear fragile but in truth, they may be members of hard core fraternity who beat people up for the fun of it. If you have friends, expect to receive a couple of punches, bruises, cuts and a whole lot more.

9. Their feet are as bad as their hands. The bad thing about feet is you don’t know when they will attack. You may be silently working on your assignment when your friends would suddenly kick you from below the table just because they saw their crush pass by. In seldom situations, they are also capable of stepping on your foot especially when your mom just bought you a new pair of footwear.

10. They think they own everything that you own. You placed your anti-mosquito repellant inside your bag before you camped out with your friends and you are sure of that. But for some reasons, they magically disappeared. You don’t need to conduct an investigation so you can find out who is, or should I say are, the culprit. You friends have this mentality that everything that belongs to you also belongs to them as well as if they were the ones who gave you the money to do the grocery for them. Your chips are gone. Even your laptop is out in the open and they are enjoying themselves watching a Thai movie without bothering to throw even a disgusted look in your direction. You looked up and discovered that your bath towel is hanging on a branch of a tree that you can’t identify and is dripping wet. Case closed.

11. They don’t care if your mom gets mad at you because you went home late. It’s 8:00 pm and still they would ask you to accompany them to buy something at the mall which turns out to be a freakin’ facial wash. As if you owe it to them that you should be around every time. They may have delusions of grandeur and have mistaken you as one of their friggin’ bodyguards. Not only that, they would take their time choosing which brand would they buy while you join in to make the decision-making a lot faster.

12. They do all of the 11 things because you are friends. That makes everything a lot different. You gave them the right to meddle with your life as much as they have allowed you to take part on theirs. You share everything and receive equal amount of what you give. They want to spend some time with you and be with you for the longest time possible. They want you to make decisions that you won’t regret and would make you happy. You are comfortable around them as they are around you. They want you to know that what you are doing is wrong so you won’t be making mistakes that would lead to your destruction. You are a part of them as they are a big part of you. They are true. They are there for you. They love you. They are your FRIENDS.


This is dedicated to all the crazy souls that made quite an impact in my messy life. Continue messing my life as I do the same to yours…:)

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