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Below Average Service

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

A performance lower than the expected excellence.

I am a Civil Service Examination passer. I took the exam on the 22nd day of May 2011 because like any other not-so-fresh graduates, I am dreaming of being a part of the working force of the country bound to serve my own countrymen. Alright that is just one of my many reasons why I want to be a government employee. Of course the pay is also a big factor. Who wouldn’t want to receive at least ten thousand a month for a five-day work? Not me. So with my guts and the air of arrogance, I walked inside the classroom, and sat down. Only when the test paper reached my hand that I finally admitted that I am not yet prepared to take the exam and mentally said goodbye to the 500 pesos I paid just to be where I was sitting at that moment.

Fast forward. Despite my conviction that I am not going to make it, a miracle happened. I just found my name posted on the CSC site. Alright. After I received my certificate, I hurriedly updated by resume, added my newest qualification, and passed them to different government offices. The last on my list is the City Hall of Iloilo. I was just sitting in the corner, waiting for someone I know to pop out of nowhere. Because of the wait, I had the chance to observe our country’s ‘public servant’, and honestly, what I saw is far from what I imagined before I got there.

It was already past two in the afternoon but the employees have just arrived. The line of the people who are transacting is longer than that of Eat Bulaga’s audience and there are only two ladies accommodating them because others are busy talking in the hallway, taking care of their 7-year-old son, eating, and some even texting. Where is service? I don’t know.

You may say that I am very naïve not knowing this despite the fact that I have been a part of this city for such a long time. Yes I did hear about these stories claiming that government offices offer the least satisfactory service in the country, I also had a set of my own experiences, but that day showed the worst.

I stood up after an hour and a half of waiting for the person I am supposed to meet. I went there with the anticipation of passing my resume but after leaving, I have doubts if I will ever have the intention of doing so.

On that same date, I went to the National Bureau of Investigation to get my clearance. I processed it a month and a half ago so I was positive that I can claim it, after all they told us that the process would only take two weeks. But I went home empty handed. The funny thing there is, I paid for it last July 11, 2011 but those who processed sometime in August already got theirs. Where is justice in that?

Just weeks ago, some of the government agencies announced that there may be an increase in price when requesting for papers and clearances. The question, will the service and speed of the process also increase? If not, then they should just forget about that stupid idea. If the people would have to pay more, then they should also receive more.

I took the CSE to be a part of the working force of our government, yes. But I definitely don’t want to be one of those who are talking in the hallway while the people are lining up to be served, or to be eating even after lunch break, or delay papers because of some reasons. These employees are paid fairly, using the people’s money just so they can serve comfortably. From benefits to remuneration, everything is there so they don’t have a reason not to do their job.

Just before I passed the exam, I am sure that I want to be a public servant. Now I don’t know anymore.