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Two-faced Phenomenon

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

It's the social media moment as reflected in this man's sunglasses. Photo credits:

Facebook is a phenomenon. Youtube is a giant. Twitter is the best thing invented since Kokocrunch. I have an account in almost all of the famous social networking sites, and is dreading the day that my mother would finally find the courage to make her own account.

We are in the world where social media is the talk of the town, and television is almost non-existent. Are we happy about this? Definitely. These sites made our lives simpler and enjoyable. They make us survive for the whole week of nothing to do because we are unemployed. And with the amount of entertainment they can give us, we can spend hours and hours staring at these flat-screened monitors, while our parents are screaming on top of their lungs because the electric bill doubled up for the past months.

Social media is the reason why keeping in touch with friends and even family members who are living away from you possible. Sharing your thoughts, opinions and other multimedia platforms is just like taking a walk in the park. We are entertained, informed and connected. All thanks to social media and its glories.

Ask Charice Pempengco, a Filipina singer who took the big U and S by storm, what made her famous and her answer will be instant—YouTube. Thanks to this video site and the millions of people patronizing it, Charice is now a star. Same applies to boy wonder and teen sensation Justin Bieber who, despite his minimal singing talents, is now touring the world because of his fame and fortune. The two of them are the walking proofs how powerful social media and its users can be—they can turn unknown people suddenly the talk of the town.

The advantages that can be benefited from this breakthrough invention are endless. It would take me more than three-pages of legal size bond paper before I can list down all of it, and frankly speaking, I am not in the mood to do it. But like anything created by men, this breakthrough do have ‘side-effects’.

Social media makes it easy to post information. This may sound a good thing, yes. ONLY if the information posted are reliable and accurate. But since everybody has access to social media, in this era, it is harder to distinguish who is saying the truth and who is just a mere user.

When the news that someone already brought home the 700 million pesos as jackpot prized in the Philippine Lotto, everybody is eager to unveil who is the lucky man. And after weeks of finding answers in the haystack, a tweet courtesy of a famous icon in the entertainment industry answered all the speculations. Only to find out the facts are not true. If this event happened years ago, it would be easy to apologize to the aggrieved person because the most that you can do is to email whoever is on your list of contacts. But in this generation, the damage is impossibly big. With the number of people, local and international, who are members of twitter, tweeting a single information can already reach thousands of people in just seconds. And no matter how many times that ICON apologizes, the damaged has been done.

The series of unfortunate events doesn’t stop there. Before the month of love ended, pictures of three Philippine National Police trainees wearing nothing but their birth clothes became an instant popular view in the facebook. The pictures, which shows only the portion of their bodies but with no heads can be the reason for their dismissal before they can even graduate. This situation is one example of how to ruin your life and career with the use of these famous sites. (Just this afternoon, one of the three admitted that he is the man behind the posting of the pictures in the site)

We are all enjoying the benefits of these social networking sites. Why wouldn’t we when with the use of them we can gain and connect with friends, shop online, be informed and be entertained. What we need is the wisdom on how to use these sites for our advantage and not for otherwise self-destructing reasons. If the latter is your goal and motive, then do it somewhere else and spare the 500 million members of facebook from your lunacies. We would rather spend our time watering our plants and building cities rather than hear your senseless whines.

I am an active member of social networking sites for almost 6 years now. And honestly the worst thing that they did to me is eat my time. But they haven’t succeeded in ruining my life yet because I never allow it to. What harm can they possibly give me, when I only use there advantages and set aside their dark sides. Like what I am doing here, posting my opinions so that people out there can take a glimpse of what is inside this crazy head of mine.