13 Kinds of Passengers and Why They Should be Banned from Public Transport (Part 1)

August 22, 2015 1 comment

To be born in a country where public transportation is the most common mode of travelling is, I guess, an advantage. Yes it is true that it is definitely not the most comfortable way of going from your house to your office. But then as you get use to it, you would probably have my back in saying that it does have its own charms. Public transport, as I put it, is just the place where you get to rub elbows with different (understatement) individualities and encounter absurd situations that would leave you shaking your head in utter disbelief. I had been commuting for like forever and I still find it amazing to come face to face with another kind of personality in one of my travels when I thought I have met them all already. But let me talk about them later. First, allow me to introduce to you the kind of people I have met during most of my jeepney, bus and van rides and why they should be banned from getting on these public transports.

1. The shampoo commercial model. I would like to blame ALL the shampoo commercials out there for giving birth to these kinds of earthlings. Who is behind the idea that it is okay for girls to let their hair down and allow it to fly freely? Excuse me but the person behind you doesn’t eat hair. Pull them back and keep them to yourselves, and if there is really a need to unleash the shampoo model in you, the corn fields are there to accept you with open arms. But please, not inside a jeepney or an open bus.

2. The bomb. Okay. Let’s be a little lenient over this matter. I live in a tropical country where you still get wet with sweat just minutes after you have taken a shower. Knowing this, we should arm ourselves not to get caught in an embarrassing situation aka explosion of body odors. But kuya, who is just a few meters away, didn’t get the notice and he just lifted his arms and released the smell that can send Sleeping Beauty’s entire Kingdom to an eternal rest.

3. The space occupier. Why can’t she sit down properly even after seeing some passengers trying to fit themselves in in an inch-wide vacant seat? IF you want the whole 9-seater van for yourself, go and rent the whole thing. Sometimes, it gets worse than that. The bag sits comfortably on the chair while some are just putting on a poker face to deal with killer leg cramps.

hqdefault4. The rocker. In every mode of transportation that I have taken, not once have I encountered one without someone sleeping on it. Some sleep like an army—stiff and straight. Some sleep like an angry teacher—with their arms crossed. And then there is the rocker –body  in a straight position with their head either doing a full circle rotation or a banging motion. I don’t mind people sleeping. Really. What I do mind, on the other hand, is when their head land on my shoulders. Free pillows anyone? Oh! I am the free pillow. If you get lucky, like me, you’ll even receive a souvenir from them: SA.LI.VA.

5. The pubic display of affection advocate. When Deon Jackson sang Love Makes the World Go Round, surely he didn’t mean for people to go around expressing their love in public. Or did he? Point is, no matter how in love you are with each other, the people around you may not feel equally happy to see two strangers smooching with each each other out in the open, more so inside a public transportation where it is hot, crowded and definitely not conducive for dating. Some would even roll their eyes and, between gritted teeth, whisper… “Magbrebreak din kayo! (You will also break-up with each other!).

Cheerful mid adult businessman traveling by bus and talking on mobile phone. [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/search/lightbox/9786738][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40117171/group.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/search/lightbox/9786622][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40117171/business.jpg[/img][/url]

6. The customer service representative. Trademark: People with a phone on their hand and talk like they are running after a Guinness Book of World Record for the most number of phone calls in a short time. Although there is nothing wrong with making a phone call while on your way to your work, making your conversation audible where everyone can hear is not so wise. Remember that there are also a lot of things running inside your co-passengers’ head and hearing your discussion about how cute your seatmate is is probably the least of their worries.

—-to be continued—-

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13 Common Love Story Plots You Can’t Miss Out (Part 2)

June 8, 2012 3 comments

8.   The ‘Coffee, tea or love me?’ plot. Cliché as it may sound but this plot happens often in real life. A bachelor works like a madman in his office. His efficient but old secretary is about to resign and now he wants a better if not the best replacement. Then here comes Ms. Secretary. Beautiful, with the ability of 3 secretaries merged into one and can make him forget about the pile of papers he needs to autograph. They work overtime allowing the two of them to really know each other in a different light. Ms. Secretary on the other hand, finds her boss charming and can make her heart skip a beat. Basically you get the idea. This plot usually takes place inside the perimeters of their working place with the employees as their supporting characters

9.   The ‘Langit ka, Lupa ako’ plot. This is divided into two classifications. The first is that a slum girl meets a gorgeous and rich bachelor in the streets while selling stuffs like fruits, sampaguita, good morning towels and what-have-you’s. They instantly hit it off but there is one problem: The rich mother wants someone with breeding to be paired to his son and not just a random girl he meets in the streets. The guy, who is undoubtedly head over heels in love, would defy his mother’s wishes and decides to elope with the girl instead. But almost all love stories do have happy endings. The wicked mother, realizing he loves his son very much would just open-heartedly accept the vendor girl. End.

The second one is basically the same as the first but with a twist at the end. Instead of the guy fighting for his love, something tragic would happen, like his father is suddenly hospitalized and he needs to choose whether to continue seeing the girl or just accept his mother’s wish for his father’s sake. He chooses the first option. The girl was heartbroken but in the middle of her grieving, a lawyer shows up telling her that she is in fact the heir of an oil magnate who is about to die. She opted to see the old man and discovers that the lawyer was telling the truth and that she is actually rich. Because she and her loved one are now part of the same circle, they often see each other. The good part is that they patched things up and the mother, because the girl is actually rich, never bothered to interfere with his son’s love affair.

10.  The ‘Nalasing kami kaya may nangyari sa amin’ plot. This plot happens to either two friends, or two complete strangers. For the friends, it is a usual scene to see them hanging together. However, at that particular moment, other members of the barkada are nowhere to be found. Just the two of them sharing their own personal problems and stuffs. The next day, they wake up due to headache with a touch of surprise. They are both naked and a red stain on the blanket is VERY visible. Ketchup maybe? The thing is they don’t remember anything. Awkward moments are expected but they decided to shrug it off and pretend that nothing happened. But situation like this is hard to forget. They would think about each other and the supposedly ‘maiinit na tagpo’ that took place when they were wasted.

For the strangers, the girl is maybe in her middle 20’s but is totally a pure and timid girl. When she and her girl friends meet, the topic would always be about her. So to prove them wrong, she decides to get rid of her virginity by picking up a hot dude in the bar. But before that, she took too many shots to muster all the courage and throw away her inhibitions. After the steamy night though, the two strangers, for some unexplained reasons keep seeing each other in unexpected circumstances.

11.  The ‘I’m your slave/I’m the great pretender’ plot. These two plots are somewhat connected to each other because they usually start with a dare. The first one happens when one of them loses a bet and as a payment, would act as a slave for let’s say a week or a month, following his or her master’s orders. Carry my bag, or shine my shoes or do my assignment are some of the more classic examples. The second plot on the other hand is where the guy or the girl’s friends would make a bet that if he or she can make that person like him or her, the friends are willing to pay a price. So they would give in into the situation. Actually they like the person already and they see these situations as a blessing rather than curse.

12.  The ‘Beauty and the beast’ plot. A plot inspired by fairytales wherein the girl or the boy falls in love with a not-so-gorgeous-human-being. The guy is usually a heartthrob whose girlfriend is a beauty queen, model or actress. The girl is a simple girl whose beauty is not well-pronounced. But despite this, the guy falls in love with her because of her pure heart and innocence. However, because of the guy’s track record when it comes to his previous girlfriend, he was ashamed to admit to his friends that he fell in love with a simple girl. The girl, hurt by the guy’s actions, weeps and breaks up with the guy. He was threatened to lose her so he makes a cheesy proposal in front of many people to prove to her how much he loves her.

13.  The ‘The Spell can be broken with true love’s kiss” plot. Now this is not happening in real life but still an old time favorite. One of the many modern samples is Beastly and Enchanted. There was once a handsome but rude guy. He thinks he can get away with his looks always so he does things his own way. But one day, faith interfered. A sickly lady appears asking him for his help but instead of showing compassion and pity, he laughs at her. But the lady is actually a fairy. She turns him into an old ugly guy and the gives him a flower, weird-looking tattoos, magic hour-glass and other stuffs telling him that when those stuffs ran out, he is to remain ugly forever. Unless, someone (a girl of course) can give him true love’s kiss, and then the spell is broken. Magical.

So there. Thirteen plots. And I can say that there are more. I just find these plots very common (I am reading number 6 right now). The writers ran out of ideas so they just made use of these stories to create another story? Maybe. But that’s not what I thought. For every fictional story, lies a fact. Which can only mean that plots are most of the time inspired by true-to-life experiences and encounters, only covered in flowery and scented words to awaken strong emotions. I hope my own love story would be something like number thirteen. It would really be exciting. I mean, really.

13 Common Love Story Plots You Can’t Miss Out

November 7, 2011 10 comments
I’m no guru. I don’t have a booth somewhere a crowded street offering my services for those who have problems and difficulties regarding their love lives. I don’t also hold a late night radio program encouraging callers to give me a ring and share their most treasured memories with their love ones. I don’t have a book documenting my so-called-knowledge in this area. I am just an ordinary girl who came across a variety of stories from reading too much tagalog and English romance novels, watching cheesy chick flicks and tear-jerkers, and hearing numerous first-hand experiences about love from friends since I was in my fourth grade in elementary.
From all those stories and almost-real-almost-fake collections of mushy proposals, and unending conflicts between the story of a boy and a girl, I came up with 13 common plots you will never miss when you delve into the mysterious world of LOVE.

1. The ‘I’m so stupid for making the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend’ plot. These are plots where the scenes include the girl and the boy growing up together in one small barrio. They take a bath in the ‘sapa’ and climb the Kamatsile tree together with other friends. When they reach adolescence, one of them will notice that their best friend is actually cute when he or she smiles, and WHAM! Can’t get him or her off each other’s mind. They will grow cold and eventually part ways. But, in the end, they won’t be able to find someone better than that friend so they will reunite and form a small family in their barrio.

2. The ‘And they call it puppy love’ plot. You usually meet your first love during the early days of your life. Here the young couple will fall in love and experience the sweetness of being in love for the first time. Fishball and sago’t gulaman while walking in the plaza and mallings are just some of the fun parts included in this plot. But something would come up. One of them has to leave for abroad. The young couple will part ways and then meets after a decade and realizes that nothing changed. They still love each other. They will patch things up and rekindle the old flame.

3.  The ‘Sleeping with my enemy’ plot. One plot you can’t miss when reading a book or watching a film is this one. Expect scenes where the main hero and heroine would throw dagger looks towards each other and then later on utters words of hate. The root of the conflict is actually a long-time family feud, incidents of unfortunate events and encounters, and hurtful pasts. It is also safe to predict that in the middle of the story they would be trapped in a situation that they can’t say no to like being stranded in a deserted island. They would lean on each other’s strengths and would start seeing each other in romantic manner.

4.  The ‘Damsel in distress, Knight in shining armor’ plot. Ladies are usually the ones in trouble so her rich dad—a businessman, a politician or a famous public figure—would hire the country’s best bodyguard to protect her precious angel from ‘kalaban sa politika’. Because of the bodyguard’s macho image, the lady falls for his charisma. Then again, the bodyguard resists being involved with his client’s daughter because it is not a good idea mixing business and pleasure. The two, after the lady confesses her feelings, will be involved in a heated argument. The lady flees and would be kidnapped by goons who are just waiting for a good opportunity to abduct their subject. The bodyguard panics and would try to save the lady and in the end, would receive the bullet intended for the lady. He eventually quits his job to start a new life with his client’s daughter. Classic.

5.  The ‘Babangon ako at dudurugin kita’ plot. Revenge is actually a common starting point in most story plots. The leading lady hates the leading man very much because of some deep reasons and would sought justice to make the man pay. She would start stalking the guy and eventually will be involved in awkward situations and the guy would either unveil her true goal or saves her. The guy is usually a lady killer and the girl is as serious as a school principal can be. Predictable but pretty interesting plot.

6.   The ‘Bayaran mo ako’ plot. I don’t have the slightest idea if this plot actually happens in real life but it has something to do with either the female or male lead paying a big a mount of cash just so to get the other to pose as a girlfriend/fake wife/fake husband/boyfriend and other passable roles. One night stands are also quite common. The other person is either in deep shit because of money problems or is black-mailed so he ends up agreeing to play the most coveted role. When the contract is about to expire, the other party would start realizing that he or she wants to make the drama real. You know what happens next.

7.  The ‘bridge’ plot. The guy is in love with his current girlfriend who happens to be the main character’s best friend. The guy, knowing that she knows her best friend more than anyone else in this world, would seek for her guidance every time they fight. She gives him advices on how to pacify the girl and leaks out information on what and what-not to do. In special occasions, she will lend her shoulder and ears to him so he can pour out his frustrations when the two of them fights. On the other hand, upon seeing how good this guy is, the girl starts feeling something for him. However, she rends herself because it is not a good idea stealing her best friend’s boyfriend. Actually, the guy is starting to feel the same way towards her thanks to the casual meet-ups and long hours of talking to her. The guy realizes what a gem the girl is. They started seeing each other secretly but the girl felt guilty. Later on, they face her friend and tell her how they feel. To their surprise, she was cool about it.

****Part 1 of 2****

Below Average Service

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

A performance lower than the expected excellence.

I am a Civil Service Examination passer. I took the exam on the 22nd day of May 2011 because like any other not-so-fresh graduates, I am dreaming of being a part of the working force of the country bound to serve my own countrymen. Alright that is just one of my many reasons why I want to be a government employee. Of course the pay is also a big factor. Who wouldn’t want to receive at least ten thousand a month for a five-day work? Not me. So with my guts and the air of arrogance, I walked inside the classroom, and sat down. Only when the test paper reached my hand that I finally admitted that I am not yet prepared to take the exam and mentally said goodbye to the 500 pesos I paid just to be where I was sitting at that moment.

Fast forward. Despite my conviction that I am not going to make it, a miracle happened. I just found my name posted on the CSC site. Alright. After I received my certificate, I hurriedly updated by resume, added my newest qualification, and passed them to different government offices. The last on my list is the City Hall of Iloilo. I was just sitting in the corner, waiting for someone I know to pop out of nowhere. Because of the wait, I had the chance to observe our country’s ‘public servant’, and honestly, what I saw is far from what I imagined before I got there.

It was already past two in the afternoon but the employees have just arrived. The line of the people who are transacting is longer than that of Eat Bulaga’s audience and there are only two ladies accommodating them because others are busy talking in the hallway, taking care of their 7-year-old son, eating, and some even texting. Where is service? I don’t know.

You may say that I am very naïve not knowing this despite the fact that I have been a part of this city for such a long time. Yes I did hear about these stories claiming that government offices offer the least satisfactory service in the country, I also had a set of my own experiences, but that day showed the worst.

I stood up after an hour and a half of waiting for the person I am supposed to meet. I went there with the anticipation of passing my resume but after leaving, I have doubts if I will ever have the intention of doing so.

On that same date, I went to the National Bureau of Investigation to get my clearance. I processed it a month and a half ago so I was positive that I can claim it, after all they told us that the process would only take two weeks. But I went home empty handed. The funny thing there is, I paid for it last July 11, 2011 but those who processed sometime in August already got theirs. Where is justice in that?

Just weeks ago, some of the government agencies announced that there may be an increase in price when requesting for papers and clearances. The question, will the service and speed of the process also increase? If not, then they should just forget about that stupid idea. If the people would have to pay more, then they should also receive more.

I took the CSE to be a part of the working force of our government, yes. But I definitely don’t want to be one of those who are talking in the hallway while the people are lining up to be served, or to be eating even after lunch break, or delay papers because of some reasons. These employees are paid fairly, using the people’s money just so they can serve comfortably. From benefits to remuneration, everything is there so they don’t have a reason not to do their job.

Just before I passed the exam, I am sure that I want to be a public servant. Now I don’t know anymore.

12 Crazy Truths About YOUR Friends

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

1. They are definitely not Saints. Never expect your friend to say good things about you always because that would be really ridiculous. Friends are out to make your life miserable. The fun thing there is that you get to do the same to them. They can bitch about how ugly your hair is and how badly you need a haircut from the most expensive salon in town. Be warned that friends have their way of starving you by just sneaking behind your back to steal the cocobun you have kept in your bag’s secret compartment.

2. They are not on your side always. Your friends do have a mind of their own and you can never force them to agree with your thought that aborting the child because it was conceived during solar eclipse would be the best option left for you. Frankly, they are secretly called as THE OPPOSITION because they will never nod to a single thing that you say that would lead you to committing any of the 7 deadly sins.

3. They own the sharpest tongues in this part of the world. If you think that the most painful words would come from your life’s worst enemy, then baby, you may be living in a different planet. Friends are sucker for words and you will be surprise how they can find 10 different ways of saying how you screwed things up and how you basically ruined your life. Believe me, it hurts like hell. They are like valiant knights ready to shoot their arrows on your direction like you are the most wanted criminal in the whole kingdom.

4. They have the habit of making you wait until you grow roots and would start to bear fruits. They will text you while you are busy doing what your mom asked you to do and they would ask you to fix yourself up because you are going out with friends. You ignore the ringing bell behind your head saying that there is no need to rush since they would probably arrive late. You dressed up and went straight to your meeting place just to discover that the place was empty like how a desert looks like. You waited patiently for minutes, and then half an hour. Finally, after an hour of agony, a single soul showed up. Nuf said.

5. They see you as a walking ATM. While strolling at the mall and marveling at the beauty of the place, your friends spotted a stall selling hotdogs and suddenly had this urge to buy because they think they are hungry. They rush to you and without much adieu, ask money from you. Like you are their mother and you are obliged to feed souls you are not even related to. After ransacking your purse and getting the sought-after hotdog, they never even bothered to say THANKS.

6. They think they are more intelligent than you are when it comes to LOVE. The moment your heart beats for a handsome dude or a drop-dead gorgeous chick, your friends would appear on your side immediately reciting love quotes, poems and songs and giving you unsolicited advises on ways how you can snag your love interest. You suddenly start to wonder whether one of them is actually Shakespeare or at least a reincarnated version of the former. They firmly believe that you are not capable of making good decisions because people who are in love actually have a bigger chance of losing their brain.

7. They are the first to tease you until you lose your head. They can be pretty annoying and in countless occasions, their teases can actually make you cry and hate them for days. Knowledge is power as what they say. And these scheming little brats would actually use the information, or worse secrets, of yours to annoy the hell out of you. Sometimes you will blame yourself that you ever shared a thing to them.

8. Their hands can get as heavy as a hammer if they like. God gave us hands to use to help others who are in dire need. Friends on the other hand, use their hands to beat you up until you raise your white flag as a sign of surrender. They appear fragile but in truth, they may be members of hard core fraternity who beat people up for the fun of it. If you have friends, expect to receive a couple of punches, bruises, cuts and a whole lot more.

9. Their feet are as bad as their hands. The bad thing about feet is you don’t know when they will attack. You may be silently working on your assignment when your friends would suddenly kick you from below the table just because they saw their crush pass by. In seldom situations, they are also capable of stepping on your foot especially when your mom just bought you a new pair of footwear.

10. They think they own everything that you own. You placed your anti-mosquito repellant inside your bag before you camped out with your friends and you are sure of that. But for some reasons, they magically disappeared. You don’t need to conduct an investigation so you can find out who is, or should I say are, the culprit. You friends have this mentality that everything that belongs to you also belongs to them as well as if they were the ones who gave you the money to do the grocery for them. Your chips are gone. Even your laptop is out in the open and they are enjoying themselves watching a Thai movie without bothering to throw even a disgusted look in your direction. You looked up and discovered that your bath towel is hanging on a branch of a tree that you can’t identify and is dripping wet. Case closed.

11. They don’t care if your mom gets mad at you because you went home late. It’s 8:00 pm and still they would ask you to accompany them to buy something at the mall which turns out to be a freakin’ facial wash. As if you owe it to them that you should be around every time. They may have delusions of grandeur and have mistaken you as one of their friggin’ bodyguards. Not only that, they would take their time choosing which brand would they buy while you join in to make the decision-making a lot faster.

12. They do all of the 11 things because you are friends. That makes everything a lot different. You gave them the right to meddle with your life as much as they have allowed you to take part on theirs. You share everything and receive equal amount of what you give. They want to spend some time with you and be with you for the longest time possible. They want you to make decisions that you won’t regret and would make you happy. You are comfortable around them as they are around you. They want you to know that what you are doing is wrong so you won’t be making mistakes that would lead to your destruction. You are a part of them as they are a big part of you. They are true. They are there for you. They love you. They are your FRIENDS.


This is dedicated to all the crazy souls that made quite an impact in my messy life. Continue messing my life as I do the same to yours…:)

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A Tribute to the Graduates

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Every beginning has an end. Likewise, every end marks a new beginning.

A victorious cry after years of investing money, time and efforts. Photo Credits: hotgiftideastips.com

This day signifies that your journey as students has finally come into conclusion. You may be rejoicing inside because finally, you will be getting rid of a lot of boring stuffs in your life for the past few months. But if you think graduating from school is a cool stuff, you may be right, and you may be wrong. Right because you get to have the liberty to spread your wings and go out from the protective box that your parents made for you. Wrong because this liberty comes with a great deal of responsibility. They come together, inseparable, unbreakable. You can’t get the other one without having to practice the other one. Package deal.

Your being a child ends the moment you step out from the shadows of being just a student who only worries about the upcoming examinations, the deadline of your research paper and the pimple growing so big at the tip of your nose. The moment you wore your academic gown, you take on the challenge of being in-charge of your life—of your future. Your mom and dad won’t be around all the time to guide you on which path you should take and which path should you avoid. You decide on the career that you will pursue—a career that you see yourself doing in the next 30 years or so. You may feel confused and lost along the way, but your Alma Mater hammered you to be prepared in any obstacle that you will encounter in your pursuit. If deciding is too much to take, your heart will tell you what you want and your mind will dictate to you what you need. All you need to do is listen.

Use your strengths to uncover which field you will succeed. But utilize your weaknesses to remind you that there should always be room for improvement. Take on the world with your abilities and let your shortcomings push you to acquire more knowledge. Use every situation, good or bad, to your advantage.

You will be saying goodbye to the things that had been constant in your life for the past four years because your stay ends here. The old buildings that sheltered you when the rain pours heavily outside, the books that had been your constant companion during boring classes, the benches that had been the silent witnesses every time you cram for your next class, the canteen, the library, even the trees. All of these seemed unimportant for the last few years yet they had been an essential part of your household. Your stay ends but your journey to conquer the world begins. You will only not have the four corners of the classroom as the venue to showcase your talents. You have the whole planet as your stage waiting for the day that you will find the courage to step out and show them what you’ve got.

The hardest ending a graduating student like you should face is being separated from the familiar faces who made your school life both heaven and hell. The teachers who believed in your capacity to make a difference if only you put your heart to what are you doing and who continue to impart their knowledge no matter what. Your class advisers who had been patient with you and your hang-ups from being a teenager to being a young adult. The bullies in your life who made it clear that they only exist to make your life miserable. And of course, the group of friends who had been with you through thick and thin. You will miss them and will treasure them forever. However, our life is a big venue that we can still accommodate more people than we can imagine. Along the way, you will begin to meet more people and out of them you will find few or more friends. Be wise enough to choose carefully. Accept those who are sincere and stay away from those who are not. You won’t be needing a lot of them really.

Your school life may end here, and no one can tell what the future holds. You may be the next president of this country or just a plain and simple employee. Just the same, never forget the people who entered your life and made quite an impact. Do not forget to give credit where credit is due and once in awhile look back to where you came from because it is only with looking back that you can reach your destination.

If truth be told, graduation is one of the most celebrated events in a person’s life. I see it as something close to planting. You make sure the soil is healthy, you choose the right seed to plant, you water it and you have to wait patiently for the seeds to grow. Graduation is the time when one has to reap the fruits of his hard labor and wise investments, to enjoy the results of sleepless nights and good decisions. To sum it all, it is the time to enjoy. But when all of the party hats are taken off, the bottomless supply of beverage finally stops and the euphoria of the moment already gone, you would need to muster all your strength to stand up and plant again.

To the teachers, the parents and the most especially to the graduates, this is your time to celebrate. Reap the results of what you had been planting for the past few years. What you began ends here and tomorrow, with God’s grace, you will have to begin again.


Writer’s Note: This is made as a speech for graduation…:)

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Two-faced Phenomenon

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

It's the social media moment as reflected in this man's sunglasses. Photo credits: skuggen.com

Facebook is a phenomenon. Youtube is a giant. Twitter is the best thing invented since Kokocrunch. I have an account in almost all of the famous social networking sites, and is dreading the day that my mother would finally find the courage to make her own account.

We are in the world where social media is the talk of the town, and television is almost non-existent. Are we happy about this? Definitely. These sites made our lives simpler and enjoyable. They make us survive for the whole week of nothing to do because we are unemployed. And with the amount of entertainment they can give us, we can spend hours and hours staring at these flat-screened monitors, while our parents are screaming on top of their lungs because the electric bill doubled up for the past months.

Social media is the reason why keeping in touch with friends and even family members who are living away from you possible. Sharing your thoughts, opinions and other multimedia platforms is just like taking a walk in the park. We are entertained, informed and connected. All thanks to social media and its glories.

Ask Charice Pempengco, a Filipina singer who took the big U and S by storm, what made her famous and her answer will be instant—YouTube. Thanks to this video site and the millions of people patronizing it, Charice is now a star. Same applies to boy wonder and teen sensation Justin Bieber who, despite his minimal singing talents, is now touring the world because of his fame and fortune. The two of them are the walking proofs how powerful social media and its users can be—they can turn unknown people suddenly the talk of the town.

The advantages that can be benefited from this breakthrough invention are endless. It would take me more than three-pages of legal size bond paper before I can list down all of it, and frankly speaking, I am not in the mood to do it. But like anything created by men, this breakthrough do have ‘side-effects’.

Social media makes it easy to post information. This may sound a good thing, yes. ONLY if the information posted are reliable and accurate. But since everybody has access to social media, in this era, it is harder to distinguish who is saying the truth and who is just a mere user.

When the news that someone already brought home the 700 million pesos as jackpot prized in the Philippine Lotto, everybody is eager to unveil who is the lucky man. And after weeks of finding answers in the haystack, a tweet courtesy of a famous icon in the entertainment industry answered all the speculations. Only to find out the facts are not true. If this event happened years ago, it would be easy to apologize to the aggrieved person because the most that you can do is to email whoever is on your list of contacts. But in this generation, the damage is impossibly big. With the number of people, local and international, who are members of twitter, tweeting a single information can already reach thousands of people in just seconds. And no matter how many times that ICON apologizes, the damaged has been done.

The series of unfortunate events doesn’t stop there. Before the month of love ended, pictures of three Philippine National Police trainees wearing nothing but their birth clothes became an instant popular view in the facebook. The pictures, which shows only the portion of their bodies but with no heads can be the reason for their dismissal before they can even graduate. This situation is one example of how to ruin your life and career with the use of these famous sites. (Just this afternoon, one of the three admitted that he is the man behind the posting of the pictures in the site)

We are all enjoying the benefits of these social networking sites. Why wouldn’t we when with the use of them we can gain and connect with friends, shop online, be informed and be entertained. What we need is the wisdom on how to use these sites for our advantage and not for otherwise self-destructing reasons. If the latter is your goal and motive, then do it somewhere else and spare the 500 million members of facebook from your lunacies. We would rather spend our time watering our plants and building cities rather than hear your senseless whines.

I am an active member of social networking sites for almost 6 years now. And honestly the worst thing that they did to me is eat my time. But they haven’t succeeded in ruining my life yet because I never allow it to. What harm can they possibly give me, when I only use there advantages and set aside their dark sides. Like what I am doing here, posting my opinions so that people out there can take a glimpse of what is inside this crazy head of mine.